POSTPONED! National Conference Call for Week of Action

On December 7, 2018, Columbus police murdered 16 year old Julius Ervin Tate Jr.. On December 13, they arrested his 16 year old girlfriend, Masonique Saunders, charging her with the murder they committed in fear that she would testify against them.

Masonique is being charged with aggravated robbery and felony murder. Felony murder means that if you participate in a felony crime and someone is harmed in the process, even if you did not directly harm them, you can be held responsible.

Masonique has been sitting in Franklin County Juvenile Jail since December awaiting a court hearing. She spent her 17th birthday, March 18th, in jail. She is grieving in jail. We believe this to be a great injustice, and refuse to sit idly by!

We, the Coalition to #FreeMasonique, demand:

  1. The immediate release of Masonique Saunders.
  2. Prosecutor Ron O’Brien drop the charges against her.
  3. Charge Officer Eric Richard with the murder of Julius Tate Jr.
  4. An independent investigation of the murder of Julius Tate Jr.
  5. Release the documents in the records release request filed by the Tate family.

This coalition is calling on national organizations to endorse the campaign to #FreeMasonique and #DropTheCharges, as well as participate in a national week of action April 1st-7th by holding actions in your own city.

We will be hosting a national call for organizers to coordinate around this week of action, and how else to support this campaign. The call will take place this coming Monday, March 25th, at 8pm EST. (7pm CST, 6pm MST, and 5pm PST).

To register for the call visit:

Stay updated on the case and related events at

Or follow us on Instagram and Twitter @freemasonique!

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